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W3C Annotations

particular the following: Annotation Page

An ordered list of Annotations that is typically associated with a Canvas but may be referenced from other types of resource as well. Annotation Pages collect and order lists of Annotations, which in turn provide commentary about a resource or content that is part of a Canvas. Annotation

Annotations associate content resources with Canvases. The same mechanism is used for the visible and/or audible resources as is used for transcriptions, commentary, tags and other content. This provides a single, unified method for aligning information, and provides a standards-based framework for distinguishing parts of resources and parts of Canvases. As Annotations can be added later, it promotes a distributed system in which publishers can align their content with the descriptions created by others. Annotation related functionality may also rely on further classes such as SpecificResource, Choice or Selectors. Content

Web resources such as images, audio, video, or text which are associated with a Canvas via an Annotation, or provide a representation of any resource. Annotation Collection

An ordered list of Annotation Pages. Annotation Collections allow higher level groupings of Annotations to be recorded. For example, all of the English translation Annotations of a medieval French document could be kept separate from the transcription or an edition in modern French, or the director’s commentary on a film can be separated from the script.